Argosy Casino

Argosy Kansas City

Since its opening Missouri's Argosy Casino in Kansas City has change some aspects in gaming aspect and much of these changes are positive. Actually the overpatching range has turned into Argosy Casino renovation. Today it is full of thousands of amused and hilarious fun-seekers and gamblers outfitted with whistles and bells.


However, there are some wonderful features and novelties that visitors cannot see, for instance just like integration of new method of processing, controlling and routing audio, that reflects very demanding and complex sound. SymNet gives the casino all necessary capabilities of system control.

TSI SymNet package embrace seven components for Argosy and give casino the ability to merge different sound sources with various audio outputs with combinations that cover 62,000 sq ft facility.

Consisting of one 8x8 unit; one 8-out unit; three Break-In 12 units; and two Break-Out 12 units, the SymNet consists of one 8out unit, 8x8 unit, 3 break in 12 units and 2 break out ones. The configuration is able to satisfy demands of a hotel addition.

SymNet help Argosy Casino to manage distribution of sound from different sources like DVDs, floor microphones and paging, satellite TV to main floor speakers, on-site restaurants, entryways and VIP areas.

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Who play better: men or women? That's a tricky question because both sides has their advantages.

Who play better: men or women? That's a tricky question because both sides has their advantages.