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Information Collected

We regard as the information and this information are apply to counting, identify an person, but unlimited to, the person top and bottom name, information of this person account or credit card, home address , email address, other physical address , phone number and other contact information. When you utilize your web site you may want personal information, for use your services you may register, download software, by email you communicate with us, or give us with response concerning this site, products and our services. The collected personal information may include: shipping information, contact information, transaction history, billing information, feedback, and web site usage preference according our products and our services. Other thing, when you cooperate with our Service. Our servers hold your information that is unique and gathers the information including: date of access, time of access, source IP address, web page(s) visited, and kind of browser used, language use. These things not hold the personal information. Otherwise without telling us you can enter the website and any kind of personal information you also enter the website. If you do not provides any kind of information we are not collect it.

Information Use

Use information for accepting contest prize from us. We give you permission to use your name and similarity for marketing and other purpose without additional ward, except where forbidden by law. For this promotional information you are not selected. For products, service and promotion we use your own information such as email address. affiliates ,Our staff and agents may be disclose any personal information and information collected form the service then they can call you according ours services, products, promotional offers, react to your needs, provides some services and control the service. You are not able sell, share or lease personal information because they are forth by privacy policy. All information that are


The information that is collected from you, you will be able to increase the accuracy of personal information if you are concerned or if you want to update your information and delete your information. Then you contact with us at any movement by sending email to act@ blackjackonlinedao.com. If the individual information that we use is not satisfy for you and you have a few complaint. Then you send it of our customer service and they are available at this email act@ blackjackonlinedao.com. when you send a request then we will change it according to you requirement or mark any kind of information to forbid future use. If you want to avoid receive very kind of promotional communication also by selecting to opt out then you go BlackjackOnlineDao site where the search option is available and you also receive or email from us. You can do this by sending email to act@ blackjackonlinedao.com.


We realize the information security significance and what type of techniques needed for secure the data. We store all kind of personal data and also we take easily from you in a protected password database existing in inside our secure system behind active firewall software of the condition-of-the-art. The site BlackjackOnlineDao and we provide your Service by 128 bit encryption with SSL Version 3.

About Us

Hey, everyone! This is "Tricky Fingers", the team winning in blackjack online casinos by hacking their soft platforms. Illegal? Yes. Our actions are breaking the law, but who cares? All we need is money!

Why do we create this site? Just for fun, or to be more precise, to show off that we play black jack games online better than others. It's so cool to know that we are special and can have lots of money. But it's hard, though. Modern software technologies are developing rapidly by creating sophisticated and state of the art protection for the gaming sites, so we have to keep up with them constantly. Our brains can sometimes 'explode', but the financial result is worth working. Read, enjoy our stories, learn to win blackjack and be envious of our success!

Women Blackjack

Who play better: men or women? That's a tricky question because both sides has their advantages.

Who play better: men or women? That's a tricky question because both sides has their advantages.