Rules to Play Blackjack

Blackjack casino game is such a game excluding this game playing you can't find a casino in North America and Europe. Play blackjack is passion for many people and there are a lot of variations of this game. We will describe the basic rules of this game because the different versions of blackjack only differs from each other with small changes nothing else. The main rule is to make point 21 or closer to it not exceeding 21 and also have higher point than the dealer. If you have higher point than the dealer you win the game but if you exceed 21 you just loose the game. For this game you just play against the dealer not the other players. You have to bet first before starting the game. When every player gets their bet down the dealer will start the game. This is a game which can be played online in many websites.

Rules of Blackjack

The ace has a value of 1 or 11 where all face cards have the same value 10. 2-9 cards have their number value like 5=5, 9=9. You have show your point before the dealer do and there some easy sequences to do so. They are the hit, stand, double down and split. If you need another card then you will call that hit where if you don't need any card more that called stand. When you make your bet double and want one more card is known as double down. Split means transfer your two cards in two hands and you have to bet again to do so.


If you get an ace and face card or 10 as your first two cards then this will be called as a blackjack. If you get the blackjack you win unless the dealer the natural blackjack.


When the dealer get an ace as his first card you can change your bet half and this process is known as Insurance.

Soft Hand vs. Hard Hand

You have to know about the two different hands the soft and hard hands. If you get 8, 7 and ace then this hand will be called hard hand and the ace value will be 1 but if you got 4, 5 and ace this hand will be called as soft hand where the ace value will be 11.

So to play blackjack you must know the basic rules of this game and only then you can start playing the game but always think about the card counting because this will increase the chance to win the game.

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Women Blackjack

Who play better: men or women? That's a tricky question because both sides has their advantages.

Who play better: men or women? That's a tricky question because both sides has their advantages.