Blackjack Myths

"Blackjack", this sound may knock to our brain about some mythology of Blackjack-myths. Several people believe that awful players try to spoil your wining chances at the casino table, so you should not sit at the end position of blackjack table on the other hand players will charge you as your bad luck, in fact, they are not factual at all. However, there are some common truthful mythologies about blackjack.

The Dealer always figure out ten in the Hole

In that case if dealer is presenting a 2 or 5 then you have to guess that adding 10 so it would be accordingly 12 or 15. But is it always pre-assumes to play the blackjack?

The main fact is that usually many cards are there at least 4 times in a deck which has a significant value of the 10 than others though the chance is only 30%. However, if you follow this strategy it can increase the chance of winning.

Your Chances can be decreased by bad player

Some blackjack players think that awful players at their table destruction their probability of winning. Actually, there is no effect of bad players on the result of the game. Basically, when they get success to destroy or harm your concentration is the myths that they may critically affect your possibility by playing with you.

Card order is Holy

Blackjack players usually think, the order of deck in the game is sacred. When a new competitor sticks together the competition in the middle then the sacred order may be frightened off, debasement the new players' probability of winning.

Last Position is cursed

One of the common myths of blackjack of blaming to others is for avoiding choosing the end position of the table. Because at the last position is closest to dealer and scapegoat for other players for the last player of the table may blame by other for having losses. Though, the chances of the last player of the table will create a decision which can make result of missing the blackjack and kaput instead.

If you have the blackjack then gets insurance

Some players believe that if you have blackjack then you should take insurance but it is one of your bad decision that you make because it always cut off at least 13% of profit from the winnings drastically. So keep away from this trap.

The Card counting system is illegal

There is a widespread myths of blackjack counting card is dishonest. So learn the count card perfectly and stop worrying regarding getting caught. Truthfully card counting is perfectly lawful in blackjack and it can really raise your chances, inspite of blackjack cheat sheet.

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Women Blackjack

Who play better: men or women? That's a tricky question because both sides has their advantages.

Who play better: men or women? That's a tricky question because both sides has their advantages.